A software startup gets an upgrade

How a relatively new player in the custom software building industry tripled the number of clients in 1 year.

Client Challenge

The client, a relatively new startup with over 10 employees, was relying on 2 solid clients for their entire revenue. The risk of losing one of them made them decide to bring us on help get more clients.

Our Solution

The first thing we did was to understand the market they are operating in. For that, we conducted a thorough SWOT (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats) analysis. Once we completed that, we were able to identify the most suitable niche market for the company.

Software Industry

Our Services

Market Research
Funding Assistance

After that, we focused all the messaging in the branding and marketing areas on that specific target audience. In order to secure more work, the founders also needed to hire more staff. We prepared a presentation deck, which they used to pitch to investors. We also trained on how to pitch, what to focus on in the presentation.


After securing one investor, they began reaching out to clients, via strategic sales channels, as identified in the SWOT analysis and marketing plan. Within 1 fiscal year, they secured several additional clients and are now in process of moving to a larger space to host more team members.