A daycare center grows as fast as the kids it cares for

How a daycare center found its way to a brand new million-dollar building

Client Challenge

The wait list for this daycare center extended to many months. The owner was losing potential revenue, by turning away parents and their children. To grow, the owner had the choice of continuing to lease or buying land and building a property on it, that would house four to five times more children than currently.

Our Solution

To obtain a loan for construction, the lender required a professional business plan. We prepared a business plan for the owner, after several interviews during which we gathered the necessary info and documentation from her.

Childcare Industry

Our Services

Business Plan
Financing assistance

The business plan was geared towards a lender and included specific sections that lenders require when reviewing a business opportunity. We also provided the owner guidance on several aspects of the business, to enable the lender to understand the feasibility of the project.


The business plan was submitted along with other personal and business documentation, as required by lender. The owner received a $1.5 Million loan, that covered the construction of a brand-new facility. This new building will enable the business to accept up to five times more clients and drastically increase revenue and profitability.