SetPlans’ executive team combines
world-class business consulting experts and
best talent from top MBA programs

About us

The perfect blend of innovation, experience and integrity.

SetPlans is the only interactive consulting company to offer entrepreneurs a wide range of services through our innovative platform. Beginning with early stages all the way to opening your business’s doors and beyond, we are commited to provide you with multiple solutions that enable your business to reach sustenable growth.

Our mission

Setplans, Inc. is a mission-driven private interactive business consulting company.

We assist entrepreneurs create impactful businesses, that make a positive difference and build wealth for them, their families, their workers and their communities. We accomplish this by preparing the roadmap for bringing dreams to life and for creating lasting legacies.

The SetPlans advantage


With our experienced team members having worked with thousands of businesses, you can rest assured we provide you with best practices and expertise.

Proprietary methodology

Our commitment to assist clients get results has enabled us to always look for ways to improve our services and products. We have therefore developed a proprietary in-house methodology for every project we take on. It is literally a game changer and we are excited to apply it for the benefit of your business.


With hundreds of satisfied clients from multiple continents, we are proud to say we are a global leader in interactive business consulting for small businesses.


We do not store any private information. For your peace of mind and security, we work exclusively with the safest and most reliable payment processing companies in the world.


Few companies offer similar services at the same high standard of accuracy and quality. Their rates are prohibitevely high. We have you – the small business owner – in mind and we’ve set our rates accordingly.

24/7/365 customer support

We are the only interactive consulting company to offer non-stop e-mail support to our clients. Take advantage of the opportunity to save time, avoid stress and painful mistakes or many hours trying to figure things out. Focus on what you do best and let us do the same for you.


Robert Martin

After a successful corporate career, Robert directed his efforts in assisting small and mid-size companies as both an investor and business consultant. His expertise includes feasibility analysis and market research studies. Robert graduated from Aston University with a degree in Management. His experience includes projects for large corporations, including IBM and several Wall Street companies as well as governmental agencies throughout Europe and Asia, where he has assisted in developing economic development programs.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen's dedication to empowering entrepreneurs has afforded him the opportunity to become involved, first as an investor and later as a consultant, with numerous startup businesses. He provides guidance and expertise in creating and executing revenue models, as well as preparing companies for accessing capital.

Stephen has built a proven track record in banking, financial forecasting and modeling during his years as a consultant for several large European banks. Based in London, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Cranfield School of Management.

Daniel Frunza

In charge of North American operations, Daniel's experience includes managing the Consulting department for the largest service provider in the United States for the Small Business Administration. In this role, for over 7 years, Daniel has guided over 2,500 entrepreneurs and companies in creating and implementing business plans, marketing plans, conducting market research as well as access funding.

Based in Austin, Texas, Daniel holds 2 Master degrees in Management, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Texas. He is also a certified Entrepreneurship master trainer and has studied Technology Ventures at Stanford University.

Paul Istoan

Paul oversees all Information Technology projects, including e-commerce integration, website development, mobile applications and software engineering. His vast experience includes managing several large European Commission technology projects as well as spearheading numerous technology related projects for startup companies in multiple emerging markets around the world. Paul graduated with Ph. D. in Software Engineering from the prestigious Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.


Our story began when Stephen and Robert while attending an investor pitch session, noticed how poorly prepared the presentations of several entrepreneurs were, in spite of having great products. As a consequence, no investor offered a deal. It became clear to them that there was a real problem, not only for those pursuing investor funding, but also for those seeking business loans: access to expertise.

They both noticed there was a major gap in assisting small businesses with consulting services, due to the unaffordable, high fees associated with this type of services. Statistics show that most business fail due to proper planning, which leads to cash flow shortages and eventually to closing the doors. This happens to over 50% of new businesses within 3 years of starting up. Both Stephen and Robert decided to do something about it.

On a mission to do good, they started tinkering with a few solutions and eventually the one that got traction was a consulting business, focusing on providing both existing and would-be business owners with premium yet affordable services.

After several successful quarters in European markets, they added a third partner. Daniel brought an unparalleled level of experience in consulting for small businesses. He had worked with more than 2,400 clients individually and had provided courses and presentations to thousands of individuals. Based in Austin, Texas, he began overseeing all North American operations.

The mission of SetPlans was to quickly become a leader in small business consulting by guiding entrepreneurs to reach sustainable growth. Services such as business plan development with focus on accessing funding, market research and opportunity analysis, marketing plans and financial forecasting were gradually introduced. Yet, there was one more gap to fill - technology. All businesses now need an online presence and SetPlans saw the need for adding that service. Stephen, Daniel and Robert listened and acted - adding a partner with vast experience in technology commercialization.

Paul brought a vast area of expertise, backed by a strong educational background, topped with a Ph. D. in software engineering from an acclaimed university in Europe. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Paul and his team have developed numerous large IT projects, from website development and e-commerce integration, to mobile apps and software development. His impressive track record includes creating and managing large technology projects for the European Commission.

Thus SetPlans became a full service provider for small businesses. Today, we are excited to continue making sophisticated business solutions available to everyone. We are committed to make a positive impact in communities across multiple continents. From planning to executing, we provide clients opportunities to achieve their goals faster, cheaper and smarter.

We are here because more entrepreneurs around the world deserve to live secure and fulfilled lives.

Decided to give SP a shot and it turned out to be a great decision. I am very satisfied with the process flow, the price, the timeliness and the extra mile they went for me. I am a regular customer now, use several on-going services and have recommended them to my daughter who is looking to start her own side business soon. James, Philadelphia