Clients trust SetPlans to provide comprehensive expertise for growing their business

Market research

Know it all

Get a professional team on your corner to help you understand in detail your industry, your target markets, your customers and more.


See your vision detailed

Take advantage of the opportunity to have our experienced MBA-only team members create customized business plans to promote your business.

Small business consulting

Strategize success

Benefit from bringing in an expert to help your business with planning, monitoring, analysis and assessment of all that is necessary for your organization to meet its goals and objectives.

Marketing & Sales Plans

Build a revenue model

We provide you with multiple strategic tools that will enable you to increase the number of clients you sell to. We always tell you why we chose each solution over its alternatives.

Financial Forecasting

master the numbers

Get an MBA financial expert to develop your business’s precise projections, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and more.

E-Commerce Platforms

Customized for you

Our Information Technology experts offer you a free consultation session to capture your vision and then develop a customized solution around it.

I really like how SetPlans has all these services in one place. I don’t have to dig for a consultant or a web developer in different places anymore. And it is all online, don’t need to drive anywhere, very convenient for me. Debbie, Nebraska