What our clients say

Diane, Austin, Tx

We had a great relationship. My team lead - Theodore, was excellent. He was patient with me, because he asked me some deep questions, that I had never thought of before and had no answers for. They were ok with setting up an additional phone interview. I received the business plan in 2 weeks. Looks great. Thank you!

Kim, San Diego, CA

I have a hair salon. Almost went out of business, so I gave this a shot. David gave me a marketing plan and told me to go out there and execute. I started doing the things he wrote for me. In 2 months, I made more money than I made in the previous 6 months. 10x.

Karl Friedrich, Berlin, Germany

I presented my idea to a panel of investors. They said my financials don’t make sense, so nobody invested. I felt horrible, because I had put so much time into. I then found this website and liked the concept, so I paid for it and got it done. I am presenting next week. I feel much more confident this time, knowing I have a solid plan.

Jim, Charlotte, NC

I have a construction business and don’t have time for paperwork - I actually dread dealing with that stuff. I wanted to leave a review here, to thank these guys for the timeliness. I needed to buy heavy equipment and needed a business loan to get the capital. They gave me the plan in 2 weeks and I got approved for 250k!! Thanks again - you will hear from me again soon!

Bakari, Pretoria, South Africa

I have a sports equipment manufacturing business in South Africa. I used setplans.com for our expansion plan to Europe. I now have purchase orders from Belgium and Sweden! I need to hire more people, so I now need to re-do the plan, but I don’t have headaches anymore, because I know where to go.

Chris, New York

I had an app idea that I needed to show to a developer. They quoted me 35,000 to make it, so I had to re-think it. The consultant suggested I should do a deal with the developer and show them the business plan, and offer them equity in the business. It worked, and we are ready to launch at SXSW next year!

Bill, Oklahoma City

Hello. My name is Bill and I own a mechanic shop. Business has been very slow during the recession and has not recovered too good. I got a marketing plan from setplans, after a friend told me about them. It simply turned things around for my shop. I am grateful and am still in touch with Chris, my project manager. We talk about how the shop is doing; he is always encouraging and has good advice.

Beatrice, Manchester, UK

I worked with David 10 years ago on a non-profit business plan here in Manchester. I work with children from disadvantaged families, to help them play sports without paying fees to enroll. Their help was tremendous, the marketing piece was and still is exquisite, and I was able to get donations in excess of 100,000 pounds every year for the past 7 years! I still send David e-mails every now and then for advice.

Sam, New Jersey

These guys quoted me less than half of what the other firm I was looking at, so it worked for me. Pretty sure those other guys could not have done a better job, because this worked for me. I got an SBA loan at a time when I really needed it, using this business plan.

Tom & Amy, Boston

We started an online travel agency. Things are going great, so naturally we decided we want a brick & mortar location. We got denied for a loan 3 times..We used our own business plan. It was very frustrating and time consuming. Eventually, I came across www.setplans.com on my Facebook wall, price was reasonable and went with it. We managed to get a loan for a small location! We are very excited! Thank you Michael!

Tommy, Christian, Robert, Sydney, Australia

We could not have done it without the team from Setplans. Many thanks!