SetPlans makes it easy for anyone to get access to world-class business consulting without the high fees or the hassle

Strategic planning

Plan your growth

By implementing sophisticated methodologies, that traditionally require you to spend many hours with management consultants, we save you time, money and frustration. We assist you by finding ways to optimize and constantly improve your business.

Feasibility analysis

Will your idea work?

You no longer have to take on high fees to market research companies to figure out whether your idea has potential or not. We are here to assist you with finding the best and most reliable methods to “read” a market and the impact your products and services can make in it.


Understand your options

Looking to buy or sell a business? Need a realistic valuation? Getting an investor joining your business? Did you get that exclusive invitation to become a partner in the practice? We can help you navigate the process of purchasing a business to help you understand your options to make informed decisions.

Are you making the right calls?

Your specialist will analyze your current state of operations. He will then look for opportunities to make your processes more efficient and will provide data-driven, actionable recommendations to improve your after-tax profit margin.

Fast and flexible expertise

At SetPlans all your advising is provided by experienced MBA graduates from top accredited universities. The only differences between us and large corporations that provide similar services is that we get the job done faster and for a considerably lower price.

I am a doctor. Decided to leave the big hospital I worked for and branch off on my own. I setup my practice but can admit that I lack the business skills to manage it. I worked with a consultant from SetPlans and he setup specific processes that made life around here much easier. On a scale from 1 to 10 you guys are a 12! Jean Pierre, Toronto