Reach closer to your entrepreneurial dreams

Business Plan for Lender

Open doors faster

After 20 years of experience, we know what lenders want to see in a business plan. We offer accurate tools to prepare you for the big meeting.

Business Plan for Investor

Get them on board

Investors need to feel comfortable in the potential of a business before giving their money to it. A precise business plan has a lot to do with creating that comfort – and that is what SetPlans can help you with.

Business Model Canvas


Harvard Business Review called it ‚the big game changer’ for good reason - it improves the way you strategize your business. We employ it for guiding you through the process of building an effective strategy.

Business Plans


Studies show that for an individual with no previous experience building business plans, it takes over 100 hours to create a full draft for a business plan. Do you have the time to create a solid business plan? Let us do it for you – let our trained experts with excellent track records develop a professional grade business plan that will capture the attention of anyone who you hand it to.

If you already have a business plan, we can help you, too. Just send it in for a free review and we will tell you if it is ready to send out to financial partners or if it needs more work. In over 95% of cases, more data, more analysis, more details are required. We are here for you to ensure that whenever you do send out your business plan for analysis, it is one that will receive the attention it needs. Each business plan we create includes the following:

More type of business plans

Business plan for Non-profit

Plan the mission

Get funders and sponsors on board with a meaningful mission and an impactful implementation strategy

Business plan for franchise

In the required format

We offer numerous tools to fit your plan into what the parent company requires

Business plan for partners

Show them the money

Assemble a great team by making it easy for them to understand your vision

the SetPlans advantage

Fully customized

We do not use templates. Every project is given careful attention to detail and fully customized to meet your specific needs.

MBA writers

All our team members hold MBA degrees from top Business schools at some of the highest ranked universities in the world.

Consulting included

While most competitors will just write what you tell them to, we go the extra mile and include strategic counseling at no extra charge.

Team of 4 on each plan

We allocate your project to a team of 4 experienced professionals: market analyst, marketing expert, financial expert, project manager.

Vast Experience

With many hundreds of clients from multiple continents, we are proud to say we are a global leader in interactive business consulting for small businesses.


Clients come to us after receiving poor business plans, even from ‘reputable’ companies. Others got their home-made plans rejected. Avoid the hassles because at SetPlans it is one and done.

Professional research

Because of our strong partnerships with leading database companies, you can rest assured your data will be accurate and current.

Competitive pricing

Few companies offer similar services at the same high standard of accuracy and quality. However, their rates are in the tens of thousands of dollars per project. We have you – the small business owner – in mind.

I spent weeks trying to build a business plan on my own at home. Eventually I got stuck. I then bought a business plan software and wrote a plan using it. I took the plan to the bank and they rejected it because they said the financials were not accurate and that the plan was missing key information. Eventually I decided to go with SetPlans and they simply made the whole process easy. They asked me basic questions that I had not even thought about before. They built the business plan for me, I took it to the bank, it was approved and 30 days later I had 250,000 in my account. I am writing this to strongly encourage anyone who might get stuck with their plan to go with SetPlans. It works. – Robert, Los Angeles