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First Steps to Market your Business

First Steps to Market your Business

In a crowded marketplace, flooded with content every day, it’s not always easy to stand out. Many entrepreneurs try to spend as much money on marketing as possible, just hoping some new clients will come out of those efforts. However, there is a better, strategic way to identify and interact with your customers. So, rather than throwing specific marketing activities at you, a thoughtful consultant will first help you determine the important questions to ask.

Who is my customer? First, determine if this is a Business to Business or Business to Consumer product or service. If a consumer is the end-user, you need to create a profile. You want to think almost like a detective: is it a he or a she? How old is he/she? Did they go to college? How much are they earning? Where do they live? What type of cars do they drive? What do they watch on tv? What websites do they visit? This is called a demographic profile. And this is where most business owners and consultants stop their search. However, there is more to it.

Psycho-graphics.  What do they like? What do they value? What are their tastes and preferences? These questions can make a crucial difference in your efforts to understand your customers. The more information you can gather about your customer, the better. Why? Because it helps you determine the best place and time to reach out to them and get their attention.

Why are they my customer? Ask yourself: why are people willing to pay me? What are they actually paying me for? What problem do I solve for them? The clearer you understand your value proposition, the better you will be able to articulate it in your marketing materials.

Once you have a clear understanding of who your customers are, and why they need you, you can then and only then begin to advertise to them. Studies show that on average it takes about 7 different touches for a customer to make a purchase. A touch can be a social media post of your company, another touch could be a tv ad, a billboard, a website ad, a flyer and more. What are your 7 touches? Start with a marketing activity mix. What can I do to get in front of my clients? At SetPlans, we have developed a list of over 55 different marketing tactics, that fit all budgets, small and large. We can help you navigate this process to help bring in new clients. Give us a call or write to us and we will get you started on a precise, targeted marketing plan.

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    1. The best way to learn about your customers is by interacting with them. This can be at networking events, industry-specific events, trade shows, trade association meetings. You can also schedule individual meetings, send out survey, conduct focus group. Make sure you know exactly what you want to learn from them – prepare your questions and be very specific why you want to know each piece of information you ask for.

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